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Corner wine rack, drink of the gods and liquid happiness, made with the goodness of heaven and earth. Pure art, the result flowing through his veins, and that, combined with the talent and knowledge of human beings, causes absolute pleasure. Vitus viniferous in its most pleasant and generous state. Therefore, you have to give your sacred place.

Posted on February 21, 2017 Home Decor


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Corner Wine RacksSize: 1024 x 768

Corner Wine RackSize: 1024 x 768

Corner Wine Glass RackSize: 1024 x 768

If you are a wine lover and you like to have your small or not so small collection of special wine bottles. Surely you also like to show them off when they come guests or simply to contemplate artwork which hung on a wall. Well today we bring you all a very simple way to make a corner wine rack minimalist design . Just we need a wooden plank about 25cm wide by 3 or 4 cm thick by the length you want, sandpaper , a meter and a pencil . The width can also be modified, but the righteous are 25cm to create a sturdy shelf where to expose several bottles of wine.

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The wood can be purchased at any woodworking or if we find a wood in any container which is in good condition, we like its color and see it suitable for display on a wall, still better, cheaper we get the corner wine rack .  Very well protected treasure. A huge wooden shelf covers the entire wall and divides the dining room and the hallway leading to the stairs. A shelf, like the walls of the room is white as snow. One of the cabinet divided into several compartments in square shape is intended for the collection of the precious liquid, where lie the bottles ready to be enjoyed at best.

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Showcase four floors with two transparent compartments each. Each compartment is divided into four, so it has room to rest several bottles of wine; also the position of the crystals, which form triangles inside the glass box, draw geometric figures, like you’re looking through a kaleidoscope.  The design of this cava gives the impression as if these exquisite wine bottles, to rest on the threads of some puppets or like metal tubes that sustain them, they were to emit musical sounds to move and collide with each other.   Undoubtedly, a design with creative freedom: metal and glass. Strength, transparency and fragility, features not only describe the materials used for cava, but also hint star to drink which were thought this place: corner wine rack.

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