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Fillable lamps – This time we will see new and original lamps made from materials that will surely have on hand at home. There is so much and so much variety that this time I uploaded many photos so surely more than one will be useful when put into practice. As it will be quite difficult to put so many models tutorial, a pretty lamp is always a great contribution to home decoration. In addition, a whole environment can be transformed with only illuminate differently.

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But if any lamp is a nice touch, it can really revolutionize a room with its effect storm. The lamp-clouds can be purchased made, but as disclose here, them is not as complicated as you imagine. The lamp uses LED bulb with remote control, which can change color and stay fixed or flashing. Since the fillable lamps is made of stuffing for pillows, which can be flammable, you have to be very careful in conducting, and ensure that the foam is not in contact with the light bulb or the bulb, because it could overheat.

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Also, remember to use LED lamps, which heat up less and consume less energy. Using this lamp with a bulb than LED could be dangerous. 1. On the one hand, you have to make the electrical connection of the fillable lamps. You will need the socket, cable, finial and the perforated lid of the jar. First, the cable passes (must have long you want to possess when hanging lamp) through the hole in the lid. Then you connect the cable to the socket (you must strip the wires, attach them to the socket, and secure with duct tape if necessary). 2. Notes that, if you put the bulb into the socket, you can place the jar and close the lid. 3. Remove the bottle from the socket. Now comes the creative part: with stuffing for pillows, and the help of some glue, shape your cloud around the bottle.

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Filling texture is perfect, you have to shape it a little with your hands to form stay as you wish. 4. Connect the socket fillable lamps to the electrical output of the ceiling. To hold it, and that the cable can support the weight of the bottle, you must pass through the center hole finial and screw it to the ceiling. 5. Once you have the light bulb hanging from the ceiling, and you’ve verified that everything works well, very carefully screwed the bottle.


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