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Cubicle wall covering – Spending 40 hours a week in a cubicle just crazy to a healthy person. You are looking lifeless walls, glued with sticky notes and calendar can be torture. Breathe a little life in its small space, after consultation with your supervisor or human resources, trying some fun ideas for decorating your cubicle, and you can start to enjoy going to work every day.

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Cubicle Wallpaper DesignSize: 1024 x 576

Cubicle Wall DecorSize: 1024 x 576

The office cubicle wall covering in which we develop our work activity is, in short, our sanctuary. There we perform and fulfill our duties, fortunately in the best way that we can. But sometimes, our work is interrupted by the disorder itself, caused by so many outstanding, notices, notes and printed documents often land on our desk. Here we tell you some interesting ideas, to keep order, and thus: your productivity, always full. Whether the case of a home office or an office in a building away from home, you should always seek the order. Having the cluttered desk of papers will prevent focus and what is worse; take much of your time whenever you want to find a memo, a document or a simple annotation, which has crept unwillingly from that mountain of papers and items that you have in the work area.

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Add photos and pictures of carrots and carrot dishes to the walls of his cubicle. Place the stuffed carrots on your desk. Add a slice imitation of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting imitation in your workspace. If carrots are not your thing, try tomatoes, beets, bananas or onions; will work any fruit or vegetable. Place small replicas of game heads mounted as deer and elk, fish and game, on the walls of his cubicle wall covering. Try the “singing mounted fish” found in many discount stores. Hang a hunter orange cap on a hook up your workspace. Use camouflage cloth cover frames showing photos of their personal hunting expeditions.

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Create a disc in your cubicle. Hang a poster of “Saturday Night Fever” and add miniature disco balls on the walls of his cubicle. Album covers 70s frame and place around your cubicle. Decorate your cubicle wall covering with a western theme using plastic figures of cowboys, horses, buffalo and tips. Hang pictures on the walls of Western landscapes or frames favorite western movies. Add some potted cactus to your desktop. Hang pictures or paintings of African anteaters and giant anteaters. Place stuffed anteaters around your work area. Any unusual animal, like the platypus, Tasmanian devils, frogs or puffins, work just as well.

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