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Furniture used for infants is expensive. To save money on the cost of new furniture that a child grows, you can convert a cot to a toddler bed. To convert the bed into a toddler bed, buy toddler bed conversion kit. The process of converting a cot to a toddler bed will allow your child to get out of bed by him. To convert the bed into an adult size bed, purchase adult bed conversion kit. Both these packages are sold online through baby dream website or are available from your nearest baby store.

Posted on February 23, 2017 Furniture Design


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Before start to convert bed use toddler bed conversion kit you need to prepare some tools and things like front frame assembly, back frame ,side frames, 2 Allen wrench, 12 70mm bolts , 4 90mm bolts, spring mattress support, guard rail conversion kit (sold separately) and adult bed conversion kit (sold separately). After all of it prepared now time to attention the instructions. First steps you need to fit the two bed back frame. Place two 70 mm bolts through each of the end frames all the way into the back of the frame with the Allen key.

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The next steps convert bed use toddler bed conversion kit, attach the front frame to reach total end frames uses four 70mm bolts.  Use four 70 mm bolts to attach feather mattress support to the bed.  Take your arms out in the spring support, and slide them into the pre-cut grooves between each of the end frames and bars on each of the front and rear frame corners. Tighten bolts until they are secure. Remove the spring mattress support and end frames from toddler bed. The same headboard and footboard that was used for the toddler bed will be used again for an adult bed.

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Attach three guides that contained adult bed conversion kit by turning the supplied cam screws in the posts on both the headboard and footboard. Position the rails on the studs by placing them into holes in the ends of the rails. Insert cam locks into holes that are placed inside the rails. You were done convert bed uses toddler bed conversion kit. This is short and simple instructions, may you can get it. Hope after read these you get some knowledge of bed. If when you found this article have a purpose to do it, may you can get it every step and you can practice as well as the guideline.

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